In light of the fact that all week long I have woken up every morning motivated and inspired by forces unknown, I have decided to investigate into why. Besides the obvious 2  (a new and wonderful relationship,  and an upcoming vacation with my best friend), there are other coercions at hand that aid in my recent zest for life. I have always been a dreamer… who always starts new journals and goal tracking notebooks in hopes of  new and exciting experiences. Recently I started following certain rules pertaining to the concept of “The Secret”. First and foremost I have made a vision board. It has taken me over a month to get it completed. It is a collage of all the things I want for my life, and/or things that motivate me. What I have realized through this process is how powerful your thoughts can be when you manifest them in the right way.

It is so easy to let everyday life run it’s course without a thought toward the future. Just playing the game, step by step, and hoping something will fall into your lap. What I find when this happens is an overwhelming sense of lethargy and fear. Fear in the fact that nothing will ever change, and life will continue on it’s destined way. The truth, no matter how mundane and obvious it sounds, is that it does not have to be that way. I have realized in the past 3 months that you CAN have everything you want….you just have to manifest it.

James Earl Jones says, “If you build it….he will come”

I say, “If you see it…it will happen”

My vision board is only one piece of the puzzle. I am also training my mind to think over the things i want constantly, and envision them in play. I continuously picture myself cooking in my dream kitchen, or getting a standing ovation. Swimming in Maui, or driving my dream truck.


I know it sounds silly, but i truly believe that eventually i will manifest those things into fruition without even knowing it.

In the meantime, there are so many small things that motivate me, and keep me in line with the path I want to take. They are all around you. You just have to take the time to recognize their power.

So this week  I have decided to switch up my weekly “happy” list, and do

“10 things that motivate me”


 Inspiring me since 1983

White Butterflies

Every time something good in my life happens they always seem to be around me


Cindy Crawford

When I look toward my 40’s and 50’s I gain hope in knowing that beauty does not have to fade. Excercise, healthy lifestyle, and lots of sex. It just keeps getting better.

cindy crawford

Kennedy Space Center

If we can piggy-back a shuttle on an 747, I think I my little goals might just be possible 🙂


Let The River Run – Carly Simon

Theme from “Working Girl”….makes me want to conquer the world

Jean Shorts

Looking good in cut-off jean shorts and heals is an accomplishment in itself


Seven mile bridge – Florida Keys

Pathway to Paradise



Time to reflect





Life is nothing without it


Find out what motivates you….and let it!

~ by randiann on July 25, 2009.

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