I Am Back :)

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Annnnnnnnnd SCENE!

I am pleased to announce that my writing hiatus is officially over. Due to overwhelming enthusiasm for more of my mindless and ever so simplistic writings, I am back in the saddle again. It was not for lack of inspiration that I have not been writing. In fact I have been spending the past few month’s focusing on my cooking and drawing. I truly believe that one should allow themselves the pleasure of trying new and challenging art’s in order to find the best you. But I am finally having official withdrawals from my pointless spouting. So please check back soon. I promise there will be……



The soundtrack of your life

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 As I drove around today shuffling through the 1,300 songs on my Ipod, while trying to justify the endless amount of 1950’s tunes, I fully recognized that living is not really living without music. My first memory involving this revelation came at a difficult time in my life. Hurricane Andrew had just hit, and I was spending the summer before my 8th grade year with my brother… (my mothers attempt to spare me the pain and strife of what was occurring in our lives). Just when I thought those two months were a total wash, I discovered a beautiful little gem…..hidden right behind a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers video. Grease 2. Yes indeed, my days of wallowing in self pity were to be no more. I knew from that moment on that my future school years were going to be extraordinary. I would  be the leader of group just as sassy and fabulous as the pink ladies, and we would sing and dance our way into each class. Unfortunately, when I did make it to 8th grade I accrued the notion that my singing dream would end with the National Anthem. Thinking back on those times has brought me to the verdict: 

 Every person’s life should have a soundtrack.

Think about it. What truly exemplifies a moment better than music.

So I have compiled a sample list of some of the tunes you might hear in my life’s soundtrack.

1) It is absolutely imperative that Julie Andrews sing lullaby’s to my children every night before they go to sleep. And occasionally to me as well.

2) I prefer Jimmy Buffett or to be idle while i am anywhere near the beach, boat, or pool.

3) When I am sad you will hear Nina Simon or Billy Holiday

4) When I refuse to motivate myself to work out Or get the opportunity to save someones life… insert:

5) If and when I decide to spend the evening feeling sorry for myself, while downing a bottle of wine and wearing a white negligee, any one of the following with suffice: “One less bell to answer” The Fifth Dimension, and “Break it to me gently” Juice Newton.

6) When I am about to enter the pearly gates of heaven I would like Karen Carpenter to open them while singing ” Close To You”.

7) When I feel like stripping, “Feelin’ Love” Paula Cole, “You can leave your hat on” Joe Cocker, or “Black Velvet” Allanah Myles.

8 ) When at a bar, feel like dancing, but cannot muster up the courage…insert:

9) When I am extremely angry at don’t care what anyone thinks you might hear: “C*mon Fell The Noize” Quiet Riot

10) And when I first wake up in the morning, with the birds chirping and the the whole day ahead of me:  “The Feather Theme” from Forrest Gump

 Music is not just instruments and beats. The words, just like a monologue or a conversation, are there to tell a story. All you have to do…is listen

What would your soundtrack be?

Message in a Bottle

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“To all the ships at sea….and all the ports of call. To my family…and to all friends and strangers. This is a message and a prayer. The message is that my travels taught me a great truth. I already had what everyone is searching for…and few ever find: The one person in the world who I was born to love forever. A person like me, of the Outer Banks and the blue Atlantic mystery. A person rich in simple treasures…self-made, self taught. A harbor where I am forever home. And no wind or trouble…or even a little death can knock down this house. The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love…and be healed by it. if my prayer is heard, then there will be an erasing of all guilt…and all regret….and an end to all anger.”

Please God.


This letter is one of many featured in the book and film “Message in a Bottle”, by Nicholas Sparks. My affinity for his novels is no secret. One might say that I am a bit obsessed really. Yes, believe it or not, I am a women who basks in the glory of a good love story. And he certainly knows how to write one.

As I am often inspired by the little things in life, I find the idea of sending out a “message in a bottle” enthralling. Sending a feeling out to the unknown with no finite knowledge of its destination or reaction. Who will it reach?  And in this particular instance, is it possible for the person who finds that message to feel the same way? Is that kind of love tangible?

Melodimen Message in a bottle S_O_S

As little girls we all dream of the fairytale romance. The knight in shinning armor rescuing us from the dragon and holding us in their arms for eternity. Although I rarely run across many dragons I cannot handle myself, I still remember the anticipation of meeting my “soul mate”. The one person in the world you are meant to love forever, and that no matter where you are in life, they will find you.

Childish? Perhaps. Possible?

What is it about women that makes us need the fairytale? Isn’t it possible to have “many” soul mates, in all different ports, and let dependence on which one we dock at determine our fate?

Most men find all of this talk ridiculous and redundant. I do not blame them. It is a topic highly overdone. But lets look at it from a different standpoint. Take Nicholas Sparks for example. The past three novels of his that were made into films were box office GOLD. “The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, and “Nights in Rodanthe” all had women FLOCKING like wild geese to the theaters. The numbers that his films generate, keep studio executives in high pants, and  women all over the world believing in fairytales.

Listen, I don’t necessarily think that i am going to find a letter on the beach from a man across the country to his dead wife, and then meet him and fall in love with each other 🙂 . But I do believe in love.  Whether it comes in the form we once dreamed of or not. People are meant to be with other people. We are meant to mate, and nurture, and quarrel and hurt. It is nature at it’s best. And if you are smart enough to follow your own inner compass in the right direction…..I believe anything is possible.

Until then…..we always have Nicholas Sparks..

Dear Catherine,

My life began when I found you, and I thought it had ended when I failed to save you. I thought that hanging on to your memory was keeping us both alive…but I was wrong. A women named Theresa showed me that if I was brave enough to open my heart, I could love again….no matter how terrible my grief. She made me realize I was only half-alive. It scared me and it hurt. I didn’t know how much I needed her till the night she flew away. When that airplane took off I felt something inside me tear away, and I knew I should have stopped her…..I should have followed her home. And now…tomorrow…I am going to sail to the windy point, and I am going to say goodbye to you. Them i am going to this woman and see if I can win her heart. If I can….I know you will bless me….And bless us all. If I can’t, then I am still blessed because I had the privilege of loving twice in my life. She gave me that. And if I tell you that I love her as much as I loved you…….then you’ll know the whole story. Rest in peace my love.




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In light of the fact that all week long I have woken up every morning motivated and inspired by forces unknown, I have decided to investigate into why. Besides the obvious 2  (a new and wonderful relationship,  and an upcoming vacation with my best friend), there are other coercions at hand that aid in my recent zest for life. I have always been a dreamer…..one who always starts new journals and goal tracking notebooks in hopes of  new and exciting experiences. Recently I started following certain rules pertaining to the concept of “The Secret”. First and foremost I have made a vision board. It has taken me over a month to get it completed. It is a collage of all the things I want for my life, and/or things that motivate me. What I have realized through this process is how powerful your thoughts can be when you manifest them in the right way.

It is so easy to let everyday life run it’s course without a thought toward the future. Just playing the game, step by step, and hoping something will fall into your lap. What I find when this happens is an overwhelming sense of lethargy and fear. Fear in the fact that nothing will ever change, and life will continue on it’s destined way. The truth, no matter how mundane and obvious it sounds, is that it does not have to be that way. I have realized in the past 3 months that you CAN have everything you want….you just have to manifest it.

James Earl Jones says, “If you build it….he will come”

I say, “If you see it…it will happen”

My vision board is only one piece of the puzzle. I am also training my mind to think over the things i want constantly, and envision them in play. I continuously picture myself cooking in my dream kitchen, or getting a standing ovation. Swimming in Maui, or driving my dream truck.


I know it sounds silly, but i truly believe that eventually i will manifest those things into fruition without even knowing it.

In the meantime, there are so many small things that motivate me, and keep me in line with the path I want to take. They are all around you. You just have to take the time to recognize their power.

So this week  I have decided to switch up my weekly “happy” list, and do

“10 things that motivate me”


 Inspiring me since 1983

White Butterflies

Every time something good in my life happens they always seem to be around me


Cindy Crawford

When I look toward my 40’s and 50’s I gain hope in knowing that beauty does not have to fade. Excercise, healthy lifestyle, and lots of sex. It just keeps getting better.

cindy crawford

Kennedy Space Center

If we can piggy-back a shuttle on an 747, I think I my little goals might just be possible 🙂


Let The River Run – Carly Simon

Theme from “Working Girl”….makes me want to conquer the world

Jean Shorts

Looking good in cut-off jean shorts and heals is an accomplishment in itself


Seven mile bridge – Florida Keys

Pathway to Paradise



Time to reflect





Life is nothing without it


Find out what motivates you….and let it!

Mr. Mom

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“Here is all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.”

George Carlin

Heineken Commercial

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Mothers and Daughters

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Last night I was watching the movie “One True Thing  ” and it got me to thinking about the relationship between mothers and daughters. How there is such an amazing bond and eternal connection that exists between them, even if they are estranged. There are many different types of mother/ daughter relationships, but the one that I find most fascinating is the one that I have with my mother.

Best Friends

Ever since I was a little girl, although extremely close with my father, my mother and I have had a connection that is spiritual. Even when we have lived 1000 miles apart, we would each pick up the phone within seconds and try to call one another, or literally take a comment right out of each others brain before being able to say it. I often times hear other people saying , “I love my mother but she drives me crazy”, or “Ugggh i owe a call to my mother and I am so not up for 20 questions”. A recent study done by a geology professor at Boston College estimates that 65% of women ages 21-50 consider their mother “one” of their best friends.  mother

Of course in any relationship the dynamics change as you get older. The more a woman experiences through her growing years lends to a more empathetic viewpoint in regards to her mothers life. She is able to understand more about the troubles and strife’s life brings, and what it means to have a family. They are able to connect on a different level altogether, and with that, become closer.

When I was a little girl I was constantly being told that I looked just like my father. Spit and image. When I started getting into my teenage years it became evident that I was, in fact, almost an exact replica of my mother.

Mom at 14

Mom at 14

Me at 12

Me at 12

To this day it is amazing to me the characteristics that you acquire from your parents as you grow. I find myself in the past 2 years starting to use my mothers expressions more and more frequently. “If I had my druthers” always gets a reaction. 🙂
Allot of my friends throughout the years have said to me that they hope to be nothing like their mother when they grow up. One can always make different choices in life than their parents, but the fact still remains….. you are not going to be able to stop your genetic makeup from working completely. There will always be a little bit of your parents in you no matter what you do. Such things as addictions and habits also come into play. mothers and

If you come from a long line of alcoholics or drug abuse, chances are you are going to have to work harder throughout life not to fall into that. Liza Minnelli has battled her intire life with the demons and addictions that tormented and inevitably killed her mother Judy Garland. She has said in the past,



“I carry my mother with me everyday, the best of her and the worst of her….I cannot escape her”.

Liza Minnelli








 I do feel that everything in life is a bit harder when you are famous. So often you find the children of entertainers striving to follow in their parents footsteps. And sometimes, although not very often, when that happens….GOLD.  

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow










Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow

I believe that we should learn everything we possibly can from out parents. The good, the bad, the mistakes and the accomplishments. We should take the time to find out why they made the choices they did, and what they would have done differently. I believe that your life is what you make of it, and what you take from your experiences shapes the person you become. I am not a mother yet, but I will be one day. And my hope is that I can be even 1/2 of the parent that my mother and sister are. And with that, I have peace. 





The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants, but when she resolutely holds him to the highest standards and is content with nothing less than his best.

Meryl Steep