Barbara Walters most fascinating BORE!!!!!

I will open with a statement to miss “Wa Wa” herself, (as she undoubtedly reads all of my blogs)…

 ” I love you dearly, but your most fascinating people of 2009  was CRAP. “

I would hope that with 10 people to choose from, I would at least agree with 5 of them. Unfortunately I could only stomach  4

Michelle Obama – Definitely fascinating….although I  wish they did not spend 5 minutes discussing her arms…reallly?

Lady Gaga – Absolutely…..what a performer and inovator….don’t really care about how many women she slept with though….she’s weird and eclectic and apparently bi or tri sexual…..Qu”e Sera Sera….keep on.

Tyler Perry – Great choice…i agree

Brett Favre – Ditto

After that it pretty much goes down hill

Glenn Beck – Probably should be commited….before he turns more seemingly normal republicans into crazed lunatics.

Kate Gosselin – REALLY? There is NOTHING fascinating about that broad.

Adam Lambert – Go play in traffic.


Sarah Palin – She was on it last year…ENOUGH! Maybe next year she can figure out what magazines she reads and they can have a whole new special about that.

Blanket and the other two Jackson children – interview them in 5 years… I can’t wait to see what they turn out to be 🙂

Jenny Sanford – WOW….a politicains wife who found her husband cheating on her….ohhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh.

Two words Barbara :



~ by randiann on December 13, 2009.

One Response to “Barbara Walters most fascinating BORE!!!!!”

  1. Love ya, but must disagree with the Glenn Beck comment. Although theatrical, he’s on the money. xoxo Lee

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