The soundtrack of your life

 As I drove around today shuffling through the 1,300 songs on my Ipod, while trying to justify the endless amount of 1950’s tunes, I fully recognized that living is not really living without music. My first memory involving this revelation came at a difficult time in my life. Hurricane Andrew had just hit, and I was spending the summer before my 8th grade year with my brother… (my mothers attempt to spare me the pain and strife of what was occurring in our lives). Just when I thought those two months were a total wash, I discovered a beautiful little gem…..hidden right behind a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers video. Grease 2. Yes indeed, my days of wallowing in self pity were to be no more. I knew from that moment on that my future school years were going to be extraordinary. I would  be the leader of group just as sassy and fabulous as the pink ladies, and we would sing and dance our way into each class. Unfortunately, when I did make it to 8th grade I accrued the notion that my singing dream would end with the National Anthem. Thinking back on those times has brought me to the verdict: 

 Every person’s life should have a soundtrack.

Think about it. What truly exemplifies a moment better than music.

So I have compiled a sample list of some of the tunes you might hear in my life’s soundtrack.

1) It is absolutely imperative that Julie Andrews sing lullaby’s to my children every night before they go to sleep. And occasionally to me as well.

2) I prefer Jimmy Buffett or to be idle while i am anywhere near the beach, boat, or pool.

3) When I am sad you will hear Nina Simon or Billy Holiday

4) When I refuse to motivate myself to work out Or get the opportunity to save someones life… insert:

5) If and when I decide to spend the evening feeling sorry for myself, while downing a bottle of wine and wearing a white negligee, any one of the following with suffice: “One less bell to answer” The Fifth Dimension, and “Break it to me gently” Juice Newton.

6) When I am about to enter the pearly gates of heaven I would like Karen Carpenter to open them while singing ” Close To You”.

7) When I feel like stripping, “Feelin’ Love” Paula Cole, “You can leave your hat on” Joe Cocker, or “Black Velvet” Allanah Myles.

8 ) When at a bar, feel like dancing, but cannot muster up the courage…insert:

9) When I am extremely angry at don’t care what anyone thinks you might hear: “C*mon Fell The Noize” Quiet Riot

10) And when I first wake up in the morning, with the birds chirping and the the whole day ahead of me:  “The Feather Theme” from Forrest Gump

 Music is not just instruments and beats. The words, just like a monologue or a conversation, are there to tell a story. All you have to do…is listen

What would your soundtrack be?

~ by randiann on August 11, 2009.

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