Mothers and Daughters

Last night I was watching the movie “One True Thing  ” and it got me to thinking about the relationship between mothers and daughters. How there is such an amazing bond and eternal connection that exists between them, even if they are estranged. There are many different types of mother/ daughter relationships, but the one that I find most fascinating is the one that I have with my mother.

Best Friends

Ever since I was a little girl, although extremely close with my father, my mother and I have had a connection that is spiritual. Even when we have lived 1000 miles apart, we would each pick up the phone within seconds and try to call one another, or literally take a comment right out of each others brain before being able to say it. I often times hear other people saying , “I love my mother but she drives me crazy”, or “Ugggh i owe a call to my mother and I am so not up for 20 questions”. A recent study done by a geology professor at Boston College estimates that 65% of women ages 21-50 consider their mother “one” of their best friends.  mother

Of course in any relationship the dynamics change as you get older. The more a woman experiences through her growing years lends to a more empathetic viewpoint in regards to her mothers life. She is able to understand more about the troubles and strife’s life brings, and what it means to have a family. They are able to connect on a different level altogether, and with that, become closer.

When I was a little girl I was constantly being told that I looked just like my father. Spit and image. When I started getting into my teenage years it became evident that I was, in fact, almost an exact replica of my mother.

Mom at 14

Mom at 14

Me at 12

Me at 12

To this day it is amazing to me the characteristics that you acquire from your parents as you grow. I find myself in the past 2 years starting to use my mothers expressions more and more frequently. “If I had my druthers” always gets a reaction. 🙂
Allot of my friends throughout the years have said to me that they hope to be nothing like their mother when they grow up. One can always make different choices in life than their parents, but the fact still remains….. you are not going to be able to stop your genetic makeup from working completely. There will always be a little bit of your parents in you no matter what you do. Such things as addictions and habits also come into play. mothers and

If you come from a long line of alcoholics or drug abuse, chances are you are going to have to work harder throughout life not to fall into that. Liza Minnelli has battled her intire life with the demons and addictions that tormented and inevitably killed her mother Judy Garland. She has said in the past,



“I carry my mother with me everyday, the best of her and the worst of her….I cannot escape her”.

Liza Minnelli








 I do feel that everything in life is a bit harder when you are famous. So often you find the children of entertainers striving to follow in their parents footsteps. And sometimes, although not very often, when that happens….GOLD.  

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow










Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow

I believe that we should learn everything we possibly can from out parents. The good, the bad, the mistakes and the accomplishments. We should take the time to find out why they made the choices they did, and what they would have done differently. I believe that your life is what you make of it, and what you take from your experiences shapes the person you become. I am not a mother yet, but I will be one day. And my hope is that I can be even 1/2 of the parent that my mother and sister are. And with that, I have peace. 





The mother loves her child most divinely, not when she surrounds him with comfort and anticipates his wants, but when she resolutely holds him to the highest standards and is content with nothing less than his best.

Meryl Steep


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One Response to “Mothers and Daughters”

  1. I agree with you Randi, I am the image of my mother and my father. It depends on which one you ask.

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