Academy Award Speech

I was browsing through some old papers today and I stumbled across another little gem, tucked away between the softball clippings and my grandmothers recipe’s. My Acadamy Award speech. Yes that is right. I cannot tell you how many drafts of this speech were confiscated by my middle school teachers. There is no date on it, but by the look of the handwriting I would say I was probably 11 or 12.

 Not that the handwriting has changed much, but that is besides the point.


Now I must admit that reading this does get me a little choked up. Thinking back, it was like yesterday I was standing in front of the mirror, amidst the reflection of Meryl Streep’s autograph, telling the world how grateful i was for the honer to be that years Best Actress. What a glorious feeling that was. And although that dream has yet to come true, I must say that I continuously fill that void by watching others make their own speeches.


When you think about all of the great Academy Award speeches that have been made throughout the years, it is hard not to imagine yourself in that position. Who would you thank first? Who would you forget, and then plea for forgiveness from in the press room? I am often reminded of the old adage about everyone having their “15 minutes of fame”. That everyone, at some point or another, gets their time in the spotlight. Even if it just for a mere moment.

“I would rather have…15 minutes of wonderful..than a lifetime of nothing special” Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias

If you had your 15 minutes…..what would you say?



~ by randiann on July 12, 2009.

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