Florida Hurricanes

As we now sit smack dab in the middle of hurricane season, I am pondering, as I do every year, when we will all throw in the towel and get the hell out of here. I live in Florida, and have my entire life. I am actually a third generation South Florida baby.  Although I do not speek spanish (nor does anyone else in my family) we have lived most of our lives in Miami. When I was 12 my world was changed forever by an event to big for anyone to prepare for.

Hurricane Andrew

 Whenever I tell people where I lived during that storm I inevitably get the, “eeewwwwwww”, followed by a, “that sucks”.

You see the little red dot in the middle of the picture

That was us

Good times


As we enveloped ourselves in a large walk in closet, clutching my niece with all of my might, I remember thinking that nothing in life could possibly be any worse. No scary movie could ever relinquish the fear we all had that morning. But what is true, and what I take from it, is a sense of joy. Not in the experience or the troubles and strife that followed, but the joy in the fact that there are worse things. There were people that morning that did not have homes or family’s to clutch on to. They did not have homeowners insurance and had to start from scratch. What is so precious is the impact disaster can have on a person for the good and the bad.

This was a view out the window when the shutters came down


This was a typical neighborhood 4 days later


Devastating storms such as Andrew and Katrina make you step back and really take a look at the little things in life that we let ruin our day. The tiny little insignificant blunders that we consider tragic.

I remember before the storm started, rolling on the floor in laughter from an imitation my sister still does with perfection to this day. And there is no need for exaggeration in her acting, this is actually what you get the pleasure of watching before a hurricane comes.

Note the lady that steps in 

Is that umbrella really helping you out?


So I say we all take a little time and appreciate what we have. Because if your not careful….it might blow away.

~ by randiann on July 10, 2009.

One Response to “Florida Hurricanes”

  1. Makes you appreciate the fact that none of our family were forced to become field news reporters…although any one of us could have done it better than the best!

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