Dumb Dumb’s of America

In Hollywood, as in most businesses, there comes a point in your career when you have to decide whether you are going to be what “they” want you to be, or if you are going to fight  it, and try to prove that you are not. I always say, “an actor is only as good as the roles he chooses”. There is no doubt that over 60% of actors end up falling into a stereotype that is thrust upon them by the industry. Whether or not they embrace it, and trust in it’s value, is a different story. So often times you see actors that want to spread their creative wings so badly, and delve into more “serious” roles, they end up almost losing their career over it. Take Meg Ryan for example. Why would anyone want to watch her as a drugged up, depressed, sociopath? She was America’s sweetheart till she went all “dramatic” on us. Not to mention what she did to her face…..eeeeeek stop the madness.

Nevertheless, I think sometimes it is best to embrace what your audience loves in you, use it for it’s advantage, and then later you will have more leeway to take risks.

My prime example of this, is a woman whom I have loved and admired since I was old enough to see. She knew exactly what the people wanted to see her as, and she embodied that. We all know now that it was all an act, but that is what this business is all about. Acting. Later in life she was able to step out of that box and do what she wanted, but because of her decision to be the “dumb girl”…..she was then, and always will be….Hollywood’s Golden Smile.

 Goldie Hawn

~ by randiann on July 8, 2009.

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