10 things I am grateful for (week 1)

I have decided that in order to live my life to the maximum enjoyment, I need to start giving recognition to the little things that make me happy. Today I was in the grocery store and I was reminded how wonderful life is when you don’t take it to seriously. There is a woman in my Publix that sells hot dogs. She has been there forever, same store, same lady, same LARGE HOT DOG HAT. Right smack on top of her tiny little head with a huge smile on her face. It made me happy. So I have decided that every week I am going to blog 10 things that made me happy that week. Anything and everything that brought some sort of joy to my day.

The Bee Gees & John Travolta dancing

(When combined my heart is full)

Quizno’s Turkey Ranch and Swiss 


White Linen Maxi Dresses



Women who can dominate the golf course

(I am working on it)  🙂


The Golden Girls

(don’t deny it …you know they are fabulous)

Enchanted Forrests


The Book “Where The Wild Things Are”



Kissing in the Rain




Meryl Streep

meryl lincon

~ by randiann on July 7, 2009.

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