Book Store Perverts

Today I went to Barnes and Noble for some unnecessary spending on journals and trashy deep thrust novels, when wouldn’t you know….there to my left is the “creepy book store guy”. Every single time I go to a book store this happens, without fail. Is there some sort of cult going on in the back of B&N that draws the attention of such individuals? And they always seem to look like this guy:


 He is always there. And the weird thing is that normally you don’t spot him right away. You continue browsing through your favorite aisles, and when you are just about ready to get comfortable he appears. Always pretending to NOT be ogling you from the corner of his eye. So you move on and think nothing of it, when sure as sunrise there he is again, pretending to browse through Christian Literature after spotting him 2 minutes ago reading Brail. WTF?

Or how about every single time you go to car wash it rains??????

Or when you look desperately for a job for 6 months and then once you land one, all the previous 10 that you wanted call you and offer you a position????

This goes hand in hand with dating. You are single for a year then you finally meet someone special. All of a sudden its like a chain reaction…everyone wants to date you now.

I also have a very strange one regarding video stores. Every single time I go into Blockbuster I have to use the bathroom.


Ahhhhh life’s little blunder’s

~ by randiann on June 25, 2009.

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