Sniffing chocolate to lose weight?

The war with weight has finally hit an all time low. Apparently a professor from Harvard University, has combined chocolate and aerosol science, to produce a product like no one has seen before.

 “Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler”


That’s right. You can now lose weight and beat your chocolate craving , all at the same time. Just like an asthmatic, whenever you get that uncontrollable urge to rob the nearest chocolate stand, fear not. All you have to do is reach into your purse….spray….and breathe in the delicious coco particles, for the bargain price of one calorie.


The premise behind this miraculous invention lies in the theory that over the years people have started eating in smaller quantities but more frequently, much like breathing. The trigger that stops a normal chocolate craving is said to happen after one bite. However, no one is going to take one bite of a candy bar and not finish it. No worries, you can now take 0.6453 % of a bite…and you don’t even have to chew.

I have expressed before, my feelings on fad diets and weight lose extremists, but this has crossed the line. I can just picture it. Three women, riding on the subway home from work. One says, “I am starving, all i had for lunch was a Luna Bar and non fat Macchiato.”  “Don’t worry, I can fix that”, her friend says,  “Here…take a whif of this….you will thank me later.”  Just like that, her hunger is gone, and all she had to spare was one calorie.

Life is good.

Also great for couples. No need for Cold Stone after the movie. You now have:

“Le Whif”



~ by randiann on June 18, 2009.

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