Jack Vettriano

When I lived in New York, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday was go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I would grab a snack and go sit with the paintings. I am definitely not an art connoisseur by ANY means, but there is just something so captivating in a great painting. My favorite artist, although more modern than most, is Jack Vettriano. I LOVE IT…CAN”T GET ENOUGH OF IT

His most well known and referential painting is “The Singing Butler”.

the singing butler


What I find most fascinating about his work is the anonymity of it, as if you are in the room, but no one can see you. He is very sexual in context, yet tells a story through the softness in color. Another one of my favorite peices is:

“The Letter”



There is a whole other story going on through the window, but she remains transfixed. That must be one hell of a letter if she needed a cigarette afterwords :). The reality in his work is what really inspires me. Almost like photography, he captures a moment in time, then colors it.

A Very Married Woman

A Very Married Woman

Sexy is as Sexy does




~ by randiann on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Jack Vettriano”

  1. keep up the great work

  2. That painting “The Letter” totally reminds me of you Rand!! I miss you so much! We need to catch up so bad. You should come to Cabo with Claudia for my 30th this year, how fun would that be!!??
    Miss you, I’m going to look for your email and write more…

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