Why not just go to the movies?

The other day I was talking to someone that I work with about a movie I saw recently. We went back and forth about the actors in it and other great films like it that we loved. At that point another younger girl walked up, so I asked her if she had seen it. Once again bringing this issue to my attention, she responded, “We were not aloud to watch TV growing up so I don’t really see many movies…they are all crap anyways.” Now…….anyone who knows me at all can  imagine my reaction. This is not the first time I have heard this. Actually I have known many people that were raised in the same manor. I am not discrediting the idea of reading, or spending more time doing constructive things outside, but the idea of shielding a child from Cinema is simply preposterous. At no fault of my parents, for some reason or another, I grew up completely captivated and obsessed with film and television. There were no cartoons on my TV. When I was 7 my favorite movies were “Mommie Dearest”, and “The Graduate”. Now some might say that is a little extreme for a child, at which I might not argue, but that was just me. The excitement that ran through my veins when I heard Faye Dunaway scream, “No Wire Hangers”, was palpable.


Yes I know I have problems 🙂

Nowadays the media has become so harsh and uncensored that parents do need to take precautions with there children. But to shield them from it all together is ridiculous. The world is “real” enough, why can’t we just escape for a little while and become a part of something that is not. This got me thinking about all of the lessons and morals I have learned and applied to my life because of film. There is a little gem of knowledge in everything you watch, you just have to reach out and find it.

Laughter Through Tears

One of my favorite emotions. When all of your senses are working together at the same time to create this unbelievable heart pounding feeling all the way down to your toe’s. How often are you lucky enough to get that feeling in real life?

The Big Moment

Everyone who is an athlete knows this emotion. The moment before the big game…..that feeling of wanting…needing someone to push you out there. Someone to get you to the place you know you need to be in order to win.


That one word. That one trait. So few people hold. I was raised by it. Sometimes it brings sorrow and pain. Sometimes it takes things from you….people from you. But it is, without a doubt, what separates the leaders from the followers…the men from the boys.


Life is hard enough

Just go to the movies


~ by randiann on June 10, 2009.

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