Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale :) :) :)

Oh my dear it is that time of year again. The time in which my bank account, without serious caution, takes a major beating. It is the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale. I LOVE IT…..CAN”T GET ENOUGH OF IT. It’s like a drug. I am not a big online shopper but VS has been responsible for over 1/2 of my wardrobe for the past 7 years. For the most part I stay in control. I will see  something that I fall in LOVE with and of course, after pushing the devil off of my shoulder, realize that I need to be conscientious and say no to that $69.99 shirt. That’s a cable bill, or in the very least 2 full tanks of gas. But then….like an angel coming out of the clouds…IT’S NOW 29.99$.

Ahhhhh The Semi Annual Sale. 

The thing I love most about VS is the accuracy in fit. Having lived in this body for 29 years I can usually tell by looking at something on the hanger whether or not it is going to look good on me, but when you see it on an actual person it can sometimes be deceiving.  VS is known for being one of the more “voluptuous” sites. Their models are much closer to representing the average woman than ANYTHING you will see on a runway.






It is much easier to

evaluate “fit” from this






As opposed to this115306












Here are some of my recent purchases from the sale

Frayed Jean Short and Linen Pleated Front Shirt - $55
Frayed Jean Short and Linen Shirt $55
Silk Blend Cami $24.99 (original price $39.99)

Silk Blend Cami $24.99 (original price $39.99)

Babydoll Halter Bra Top Dress $49.99 (Original price $79.99)

Babydoll Halter Bra Top Dress $49.99 (Original price $79.99)

And I will make sure to stand just like that when I wear it 🙂

 Oh I forgot one


But this one I plan on using for something a little more “private”….now if I could just find my old skirt from Catholic School 🙂

Happy Shopping


~ by randiann on June 4, 2009.

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