As the child grows

I woke up this morning terrified and shaking. It has been a long while since I have had a nightmare of this kind, the kind that sticks with you all day. This particular one was about my niece …..Jenny. Jenny is 21 now, but the dream took her back to 6, which took me back to 13…alone and babysitting, as I usually was. Jenny was born when I was 7 and then 5 nephews and 2 more nieces followed. So as you can assess I grew up an aunt, a big sister, and a mom all at once, and I loved every minute of it.

The dream got me thinking about the rate at which we grow. As an adult it seems like time moves in orbit. We know that we are getting older but internally we cant register the speed at which that is happening. For me on the other hand, I am constantly reminded of my age by watching  my “babies”. I call them that because I do not have children of my own yet, and to me the love I carry for them weighs just as much as if they were my own. Take these two for example: Jenny and Ryan


It seems like just yesterday. I can still hear them laughing and playing without a care in the world. Dancing on the table singing “Grease” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. This is them now:


It has truly filled my heart with joy watching them all grow up. All the while unbeknownst to me I was growing right along with them. It’s amazing how your perspective on life changes when you watch a child become an adult. You start to wonder, “what have I done in all these years’?…..”What kind of person have I become”? I find it extremely motivating and challenging. It makes you realize that life is moving…..and you are moving right along with it. It is not going to stop for you at a certain age just because you may not be “physically” growing anymore. You are still galloping through time, and everyone you love and meet are galloping right along with you.

So cherish your time. Kiss and Hug and Laugh and Sing. Don’t waste one minute off it. Before you know it they will all be grown up….and so will you!

To all my “babies” : Jenny, Taylor, Ryan, Kelsey, Morgan, Tori, Wyley, and Colby!

I Love You


~ by randiann on May 30, 2009.

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