People that make me INSANE

I would say that for the most part I am a very “humble” person and I try not to pass judgment. Considering the amount of people that i have to choose from, I realized that there are very few celebrities that make me insane. You know the kind of insane that makes you question your stability and contemplate kicking the TV? So I thought for shits and giggles I would share those select few with you.

Suze Orman – The woman scares me. Ever time she starts yelling at me about my bank account I want to crawl under the covers and scream, “I’m sorry Ms. Orman…I know I am a disgrace”. And nobody has teeth that white. It’s impossible.


Martha Stewart – Besides that fact that she is a raging bitch and makes EVERYONE feel inferior to her, we now have to see her lounging around in a  bath tub on TV? It’s wrong on soooo many levels.


Elizabeth Hasselbeck – This one could take all day so I will summarize by asking 1 question: Is there anything, at all, that she has to offer up to this world besides being a “right-wing fanatic”? Anyone?…..Anyone?


Anyone involved with “The Hills” – They should ALL go play in traffic.

Lindsay Lohan – I can accept trashing your own career, but when you try to come back and call yourself a “real actress” after pretty much spitting on some of the most reputable people in the industry, (aka  Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Gary Marshall…etc), Sorry Baby……better jump on that midnight train to Georgia.


Will Ferrell – Now to be fare, I am not discounting that he is a brilliant comedian by any means. I just personally find him repulsive and completely insane. The word “Sceevy” doesn’t even begin to describe him.


Ann Hathaway – Again, she is a good actor and she makes fine choices.  I am usually not this sanctimonious, but the girl is just ugly. She is everywhere with her BIG eyes and nose and teeth and mouth and AHHHHHHH! I mean people compare her to Audrey Hepburn? STOP THAT!


Paris Hilton – I am not even going to waste the space.

The other few that are on the border but have not quite stepped over are

Rachel Ray and Kelly Ripa – The cute factor always pulls them back out but it’s getting close.

I know it’s not nice…and who am I to judge others……but F%@! it!

🙂 Have a Happy Day 🙂

~ by randiann on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “People that make me INSANE”

  1. I just like this post —

    … but seriously Randi — you should really work on trying not to sugar coat things so much — Really tell us how you feel instead … LOL

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