The 24 hour adventure

While flying 32,000 feet with my sister recently, we both stumbled across a brilliant idea. The idea did not stem from a brilliant place, but more from a preposterous and silly Jim Carrey film….as most of them are. The film was “Yes Man”, and if not forced by lack of other choices neither one of us would ever have any interest in seeing it. So there we are flying away and partaking in an occasional “giggle while shaking your head with embarrassment”, when we both look at each other almost simultaneously and say, “That is actually a brilliant idea”.


The idea seems far fetched but after closer examination we realized it would probably be one of the most unforgetable experiences you could ever have.


So it’s simple. You and your lover / new bf, gf / spouse, pack a bag with all the necessary needs to get you through one full day and night. You must, however, prepare for ANY type of climate/season. The both of you then get in a cab and head for the airport. Upon arrival with bag in hand, you approach the ticket counter and ask for the very  first available flight for two……no matter where it is going.


Obviously this is considering that you have atleast 1,000 dollars each to blow. If need be, because you cannot afford to stab at the whole world, you could stick with domestic flights only.


Once you get to your destination you will then go wherever the signs lead you. You will just follow your heart and let it take you on an adventure. In the movie they ended up in Lincoln Nebraska. Although this would not be the “ideal” choice, it does not matter. The whole point of this is to take a risk and let adventure find you. Once they got to Nebraska the first sign they saw said “worlds only telephone museum”, WHY NOT. Then they proceeded to learn how to prepare and package raw chicken in the factory, and even went to the local college football game.


What I find so wonderful about this idea is the journey of it. Just the two of you…in an unknown territory…having a great time…TOGETHER. Getting back to your inner child and acting silly, seeing something for the first time, and not seeing it alone.


So my sister and I made a pack that each of us  would try this one day. It may be far fetched..but so is love. And if the two of you can enjoy yourself in the middle of nowhere, chances are you hit the jackpot.



So get out there and take a risk. What’s there to lose but 24 hours.


~ by randiann on May 27, 2009.

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