I Love a good Commercial!

I am one of those people that you would call, “easily amused”. I find myself sitting here watching TV and a stupid mop commercial comes on and i find myself barreling over in laughter. You know the one where the lady is in the supermarket and she is going to by the Swiffer Sweeper, when all of a sudden her old mop peeks around the aisle and the song “Baby Come Back” starts to play. I LOVE IT…CAN”T GET ENOUGH of it.

There are quite a few things like that which peek my interest. I always used to try and convince my best friend Devon to go into advertising because she has such a knack for thinking up ideas and plans. I think secretly I was the one who wanted to do it but unfortunately did not have the knack. Remember the De beers commercial, when they first came out with and online jewelry shop? (Mind you De beers is one the leading retailers in engagement rings and wedding bands). Well the commercial was maybe 1 min and 50 seconds and all it was was  a woman’s hand on a mouse (computer mouse, dirty minds:) , and every time she clicked on the mouse the ring on her finger would change, and then a little screen came up saying “De beers…fall in love online”! STOP IT!!!!! How clever is that. So one guy sat in a boardroom one day with 15 other suited robots trying to come up with some brilliant commercial and he says, “I got it”! Oh how I love good advertising. How about this one :





Now really you have to admit that is some cleverness at it’s best. I never thought of calling someone a “slut bucket” but after being inspired so profoundly by this ad I think I will !!!





So to all you brilliant advertising guru’s out there

Keep on Keepin’ it on

And to whomever was responsible for the latest “Friendly’s Commercial”, with the soccer mom singing in the car with her kids, “I wanna go to Friendly’s”, if I were Donald Trump, you would be FIRED!

~ by randiann on May 19, 2009.

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