Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?

In Hollywood as in life, I often ponder about the question of beauty and how it is possible that someone, by all practical standards,  is considered “unattractive” yet “attractive” all at the same time. There are many polls and studies done on what makes someone beautiful. They have done graphs of the face and created a 1-10 rating system dependant on the geometrics of your facial structure. This for all general purposes is fine, that is not what interests me. What i find fascinating is that with that system in play, someone who might be scored a 2 or a 3 in terms of appeal to the general masses, can to others be thought of as a 10.

One person that I admire very much is a example of this effect. Although I am not sure how many people would agree with me on it, I still find it stirring.

Barbra Streisand. Known not only for her genius grade voice and acting ability, but also for her striking features, that to most are considered homely, to say the least. This woman has also had her share of  men in Hollywood.

Don Johnson, Andre Agassi, the Canadian Prime Minister, Chris Kristofferson and Jon Peters, (Whom apparently is releasing a tell all book discussing his affair with Streisand, and stating that she was the best lover he ever had. In it he also is said to assert that Streisand had furtive affairs with Robert Redford and Ryan O’neal during filming).

Streisand is now married to actor James Brolin. Whom is considered to be one the sexiest men in Hollywood.

At her estate home in Malibu

At her estate home in Malibu

If you ever watch some of her films such as “The Main Event” or “A Star is born”, there is no contention that she has a great body and keeps herself in excellent shape. That in itself always helps:). But it is all about her face, and that nose that she refused to ever changed.

“I kept my nose to spite my face” 

she sings in the song, “I’m Still Here”.

What I have diagnosed this as is what I like to call

Sex trumps looks

You be can be the most beautiful woman in the world, but that does not necessarily make you sexy. You can also, as I believe in this case, be unattractive but have a sex appeal that involuntarily makes you beautiful.

I was browsing through YouTube the other day looking for old Burt Bacharach concerts and I stumbled across this little gem. The quality is very poor but the camera gets closer in the end and what you end up seeing will make you understand my logic.

If you MUST skip ahead because of a lack of patience you can scroll to about 2  minutes


🙂 I wonder why Peters didn’t mention Burt in his book?

What she was offering him in that video was pronounced. With her mouth and eyes she engaged him in such a way through song,  that would have most men falling of the stool.

There are other actresses in Hollywood that have a similar air. Marcia Gay Harden in “Damages”, or Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”. These women are not considered beautiful by Hollywood standards. What they have is good old fashioned:

Sex Appeal

“When I am exuding sex appeal and I am really hot, when I walk into a room and man doesn’t look at me he is probably gay”.

Kathleen Turner

(before she became a man)








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