Alec Baldwin…do you judge????

You will often find in my blogs, if you have not already noticed, that i tend to link different sources together in order to get to the point of my topic. This blog is a prime example of such.

If there is one fact that remains true about me it is that i undoubtedly have an extreme interest in personality types. Not so much in the A/B sense, but more on what makes a person who they are, and what medium they use to express their true selves.

I have always been a fan of Alec Baldwin. He is to me the quintessential man of men. A Krull the Warrior King if you will. We all know that he has definitly  generated for himself a wee-bit of controversy throughout the years. Living in New York he was very hands on in the theatre world and I knew quite a few people that worked with him on different projects.  90% of them said that he was an “egotistical raging lunatic with no regard for others”. However, that other 10% did not scoff at the issue of temper, but thought of him to be a kind and gentle man who is so passionate about his work and does, often times, let it effect his state of being in that moment.

This clip is from an interview done with the cast of the upcoming Nancy Meyers film which happens to be currently untitled. I absolutely LOVE Nancy’s work… CAN”T GET ENOUGH of it. She has written and directed such films as Father of the Bride, The Parent Trap, What Women Want, and my personal favorite.

Somethings Got To Give

"A little ditty...about Jack and Diane"
“A little ditty…about Jack and Diane”
The “Untitled Nancy Meyers Project” stars Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and  Meryl Streep. (As a side note I will try to keep my relentless obsession with her down to the bare minimum in my blogs otherwise we might need to change the title).The film depicts Meryl as a Baker, looking for love, then finds herself having to decide between the two men. This clip is from their first interview done by Entertainment Tonight.
This is a prime example of the Alec Baldwin that “I” love.
As you will find with most great actors they have a great sense of comedy. They are trained to be  able the work a room, or even an arena. What I find fascinating about this, is what happens when the doors close.
I will preface this by saying that I would not normally Put something so slanderous in my blogs but my point is mute without it
When this tape was first leaked, I, as well as many others, were extremely disturbed and mostly….disappointed. No one wants to believe that someone can talk to a child in that manner, let alone there own. After a while i got to thinking about the idea of privacy and the media. How often in my own personal life have I, or a family member or mine,  gotten so outraged and inflamed that we would say something so repellent and hurtfull. I think there is a fine line that people need to draw when casting judgment on others. I try to stick with the general rule
Judge all you want but keep it to yourself.
The same principle with a comment  I recently heard Whoopi Goldberg make,
“If you don’t believe in gay marriage, don’t marry someone gay”
I like to look at each situation intelligently before i fly of with a concrete opinion about it. I am not by any means excusing Alec’s message to his daughter or condoning it. With this situation I thought about his reputation and his previous mishaps. I also thought about his Ex wife Kim Basinger, (whom I also adore), her battle with aggro-phobia, and the very public and nasty custody battle that BOTH of them participated in.
Lets face it. When it comes down to it, no one knows the whole story behind someones personal life. We cannot even begin to imagine all of the things that go on in someone else’s family and why. I choose to walk away from that story saying,
“Do i like Alec Baldwin’s work?” Yes
“Am I going to stop seeing his film’s because of this?” NO
“Do I think he might be slightly insane” SURE
So I say this.

Before we pass judgment on others, think about the consequences of that judgment. Not just on that person, but on yourself, and how it reflects what kind of person you are. Life is too short



~ by randiann on May 18, 2009.

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