Magic and Sports

     There is something so magical about watching a little league baseball game. The expressions on their faces when they get a good hit, the sheer enjoyment and togetherness they all share when they win the game. I myself am slightly more in touch with the feeling because I experienced it personally for 14 years, the greatest time of my life. Now i bask in the glory of watching my nieces and nephews savor the sport. Savor  the wonder that is Baseball.

    In any sport as in life there is always the hope for that one chance. That one magical moment when all the stars are aligned and the universe rises up to meet you and it is “perfection”. That one team that has something so special no one can touch it, or even explain it. I am writing this today because on a usual Saturday cleaning spree i stumbled across an old scrapbook. This scrapbook is a homage to what was once, and always will be, my magic team.

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It was 1998 and I was a senior in High School. The three years before this were challenging in so many ways, changing coaches, still recovering from knee surgery, and just generally trying to survive high school. But that year….that last year was like that song that you hear when your not expecting it that sends goose bumps all over you. Our new coach was amazing….she understood who we were…and how special it all was. She made us feel like we were worth every minute of it. We went to states that year and unfortunately got runner up, but something changed in all of us after that. Some of us went on to play in college, others, myself included, thought it best to go out with a bang. To let that year push us to start the rest of our lives and leave our childhoods behind us. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

     What we discovered that year was that life is to short to take for granted those magical moments that don’t come along every day…..or even every lifetime. When I talk to my fellow teamates about that time, every last one of us, from the freshman, to girls that didn’t even get to play, will tell you the same thing. It was in some way, shape, or form……magic.

So I say to all of you, don’t let that moment pass you by. You will recognize it when it comes and at that minute just stop, look at it, and feel it. I promise you, it will live inside of you forever.

To all of my teammates and coaches of the divine 1998 Panthers Varsity Softball Team, you are forever in my heart and spirit. I love you all!


 1998 Lady Panthers 

~ by randiann on May 16, 2009.

One Response to “Magic and Sports”

  1. BirD!! I’m at work DAMMIT! There’s no crying!! There’s no crying at WORK!

    beautifully written Bird — loved the read the the trip down memory lane —

    but do I have the hook up — prepare yourself for the ultimate memory jogger …

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