What you will never read about in my blog’s

As I browse through various blog’s getting sources and outline ideas I find myself stunned and annoyed by some of the choice topics. My first prime example lies in this little question that is asked, studied, and written about all over the media.

Why do men cheat?

This question is of millions like it. One that has and never will have


I Like to call these little blunders, “ineffectual jibber jabber”. I mean lets be honest. We could all sit around for hours on end discussing why the male species tends to sway from home. His wife got fat…the kids are too much…financial stress….and so on and so on. The real truth is. There is NO ANSWER. He has a penis and that little guy drives over 50% of his brain. End of topic.

Another choice discussion which some of you might disagree with is:

Weight lose

It is EVERYWHERE and in everything you read, watch, and listen too. I understand that every “body” is different and people struggle, and Oprah gained 120 lbs, and there is the whole thyroid issue, but really people. Get on a treadmill…..Eat lean protein and vegetables….don’t eat fast food more than once a week…and just MOVE YOUR ASS!!!!! This topic is so overkill it makes me crazy.

So, in conclution, there are certain things that you will never have to worry about reading on my blog. A few examples

  • Nature (yea just because)
  • Disney movies or Cartoons (again…just me)
  • Spencer Pratt or Heidi whats her name (WHO ARE YOU…go play in traffic
  • ))
  • TWITTER (who can possibly not be sick of hearing themselves talk about “tweeting” and how it has revolutionized communication
  • The Recession (it sucks move on)
  • Brad and Angelina…oh excuse me Brangalina (no need to explain)

So there you have it.

Off I Go!!!




~ by randiann on May 14, 2009.

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