Joan Rivers : the mask comes off


Throughout my multitude of years as a self pronounced celebrity addict, there are very few things that surprise me. In terms of judging a celebrity’s true character I would say I am spot on 90% of the time. This meaning that after the film, the interviews, the paparazzi photographs, and the fashion choices; I can usually estimate what kind of REAL person they are behind closed doors. Of course some people surprise you and turn out to be sex addicts like David Duchivony.  


Although he does sometimes forget his shorts



This year will mark my first official year of following “ The Celebrity Apprentice”. I LOVE IT. CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF IT. The mix of personality’s and temperament levels is flawless. In the past two weeks it has broken ground on what i might say is one of the best TV moments in reality television history. I like to call it:

Joan Vs. Poker Players




If you do not watch the show I am not going to bore you with a detailed analysis of all the players and their personality’s, but it really is an intellectually fascinating show in all aspects. The one thing that has surprised me more than anything else on the show is what i have discovered about the infamous and notoriously tucked Joan Rivers. Behind all of the surgeries and dirty stand up… that woman is 100% GOOD PEOPLE. She is one of the kindest, most genuinely sensitive and caring people behind the camera. There is no pretence, no harsh or impetuous words; just sincere kindness and sensitivity. I am sure there are many celebrities that wear that same mask and do it on purpose. My point is that most of them have not made a million dollar career out of manipulating and deprecating others through comedy; while exploiting their own physical fixations for attention. Well i am here to tell you  ladies and gentleman….it is all an act. Which makes me respect her even more.

Here’s to you Joan. Keep on keepin’ it on!

~ by randiann on May 7, 2009.

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